Before the Ashram

During my trip to India last fall I had a wish. A wish to get my 14 yrs. old daughter a certification to be a Yoga teacher. I know she has no inclination to devote her life to Yoga teaching. She would do it a few hours a week but not all the time. So i started looking for a Yoga school in India where she will learn the art and devotion of teaching Yoga. She has been doing it with me since she is 6 yrs old. She does it on and off but lately she started to take a little more interest in Yoga. Being a Mom and a Yoga teacher, there is nothing more I can give my kids than get them great training to be a Yoga teacher.

I spoke to several Yogis and several established Ashrams in India. We visited Kaivalyadahm In Lonavala, She liked and place and she also liked the teachers and swamiji there. I tried to get her in the course, but because she is only 14 she wasn't able to start. Someday she will be there for a bit longer time. There were other places where the courses were not offered to suit her, some place we found she would not be able to stay for 8-10 weeks, and some places would have been a bit on hotter side during summer time.

Finally a friend of mine recommended DSVV situated in Haridwar. A university campus with an advanced school of Yoga science. I wrote to them and they wrote back in a few weeks, we got an assurance of her admittance to the course.

We booked the ticket, got the Visa and all other papers in order. After that we started on the medical shots and pills to keep the kids healthy and active. I have been shopping for things to take ever since. We would like to do something good where we are going, a few ideas are forming and we hope we will learn and try to help where ever we can.

By the way it made me think about myself, there is nothing I know that I can teach . Nothing that the people of the Ashram or the Village near by would not know. It humbles me. I am going there to absorb as much as I can. My prayers and wishes are with my daughter's course. I hope she will be able to learn to be a good teacher. I pray she finds a Guru that she can always connect to, an Ashram that will become her Yog-dham.