During the Ashram stay part 1

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I had great plans of posting on the blog everyday. I had selected the font, color and the size. But I was so involved in the daily activity of the Ashram kids and the excruciating heat that all my plans of writing and posting on the blog melted away with my gallons of daily sweat. It was hot and humid as we were at Haridwar during it's hotest days of three decades. Mango trees were loaded and Leeches were available all over the place. I was happy to be at the final destination of the trip. We had met a lot of family members and friends before we reached the Ashram. Everywhere we went we were snobbishly careful of what we ate and what we all drank. We were irritating a lot of people!

As we approached my daughter was getting  disappointed by minute as we were getting away from open scenic places and getting into the thick of commercial activity. But as we arrived through the well guarded gates into the Ashram we found ourselves in the most scenic, calm and fragrant place of our trip. The first thing that we noticed was the fragrant hot air outside our freezing van. 

Same day we met the most humble and calm person of our trip Dr. Chinmay Pandya. I have been communicating with him for a few months. I had no clue he was the grand son of such an amazing person, a great soul who changed the minds and life of millions in India. Acharya Sharma ji has written over 3400 books many yet to be published. I don't think a human can write so many books in such a short life unless he has been guided and blessed by Divinity.

The next week as we were anxious to start the Yoga program for my daughter, she fell and hurt her spine, not only that she also got the heat-stroke as she stood outside waiting for her ride. (Well the person never called to inform her of the changed plan even till date!!) We decided to take it easy and start the theory classes as my older daughter, who I refer to as DD1 here; could not do much with her body. I am glad that it worked out this way as she had a lot of time reading different books from the library next door. She wasn't happy I could see she was missing her life with her friends in Chicago. I found her pouring over Facebook most times of the day as she took breaks from her books!

But things changed rapidly once the students came back to the campus. This Ashram is not only a place where people live with austerity ,devotion and service but it is a unique University that imparts Yoga degrees from BA-BSc, MA MSc, and PhDs in Yoga. A very well structured Yoga study program unlike any other place. My kids were now completely used to the layout of the place and DD1 was meeting a few international students. She was happier and calmer now. But DD2 was happy go lucky all the time. All she was concerned was a few ripe mangoes that fell from the trees right as she walked by the tree! She had by then made a friend in one of the volunteers Radhe Bhayya!  She will pester her friend to go out with her to get 20lbs of mangoes every day!  She had no interest in the simple food served at the mess. Why will she when such sweet tree ripened mangoes were around??