Yoga Nidra

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The Deep Relaxation method, also called Yoga Nidra, is a powerful technique to reduce an individual's physical and emotional stress at a deep level. Typically, when we relax in a couch or a bed, close our eyes and sleep, we will achieve some degree of physical relaxation. Unless our minds also release stress during this time, there is a good chance we will wake up with traces of fatigue and low energy. Insufficient rest of body and mind are well known reasons for a variety of health disorders and anxiety.

In this advanced concept in the practice of Yoga, you will be trained to sleep with 'full awareness' for a short duration. With step by step instructions, you will be guided to use this awareness of your mind to relax your physical and mental tensions.

The technique is offered exactly as it was intended to be taught by Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

We would be announcing new classes in our new locations.....

For these classes  one MUST not get late as it might hurt other practitioners.