Welcome to Yoga Habitat

Hello everyone and welcome to Yoga Habitat.

From today i am going to keep adding a little bit to this blog. I am glad that i have finally started using the blog that my website came with. It is one of those things that you want to do desperately but have no time to start.

I would like to write about the poses their benefits, breathing techniques and their benefits. I would like to add vegetarian recipes for "Plant based diet Monday". i would like the students that come to my class to learn as much about Yoga lifestyle as possible.  I would like to write about Yoga as it is practiced and taught in India in the most classic and traditional way. Make an attempt to remove some myth about yogi lifestyle and Yoga.  In future i will have a place to ask questions to some of the great Yoga teachers of reputed Yoga University in India.

I have noticed Yoga is considered a thing that girls do! And it is believed nothing more than some poses where girls tie themselves into a few knots, but it is actually a lifestyle lived by millions of people. Poses are a part of yogi lifestyle. Especially practiced by men! Other than my first guru my Mom, all other teachers were men. So guys out there consider attending one of my class and believe me you don't have to be flexible like a "boiled noodle." 

In the end to all my students i am humbled by your presence in my classes. I enjoy teaching yoga and as long as i can walk around i think i will take great pride and joy teaching yoga. 

I am delighted to be part of "IAYT" and now i look forward to teach classes and one on one Yoga therapy classes. I do not have the location for those classes but as soon as i find a humble location i will  be letting you all know.

So with all these ambitions here we go and begin our journey together. i look forward to hearing from you. Questions or suggestions all are welcome.

Om Tat Sat.

I love Deepti's Yoga classes the best on the Planet