Classes For Yoga Teachers

At Yoga Habitat, we take up Yoga teacher’s training with:


Yoga Poses

Ashtanga Yoga – the 8 steps of Yoga


Physical discipline and mental control

Meditation techniques

Yoga Nidra – deep mind relaxation techniques

Yoga therapies such as Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga Kriya such as nauli, Trataka, Dhauti etc

After learning all the above, an ideal Yoga teacher needs to brush up his/ her Yoga knowledge from time to time.

For this purpose, we, at Yoga Habitat offer advance classes for Yoga teachers so that they can keep their educational progress unhindered. This will help the Yoga teachers to


learn new and latest yoga techniques

understand the hidden meanings of ancient Yoga scriptures

learn the complex versions of meditation

brush up the old Yoga learning and more.

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