Yoga Kriyas

There is a section of Yoga, called Hatha Yoga. It advices about six types of therapies or Kriyas for cleansing the body and mind.

They are -

1. Neti - Purification of the Nose – Here, water is poured from one nostril and let out from the other.

There are two types of Neti:
Jala Neti – water is used and
Sutra Neti – thread is used

2. Dhauti - Purification of the Esophagus and Stomach

It is a type of emesis therapy to cleanse the esophagus and stomach.
It is of two types –
Jala Dhauti – performed with saline water. It is also called Kunjala Kriya. Sutra Dhauti – performed with cloth

3. Nauli - Turning of the Abdominal Muscles

Helps to strengthen your core muscles and promotes digestion and metabolism.

4.a. Basti – colon cleansing

In earlier times Basti – water enema was performed in the river whilst sitting in a squatting position. With the assistance of Nauli – abdominal muscle flexing, water was sucked into the intestines and then eliminated again into the river. Now-a-days this technique is applied as an enema in order to cleanse the large intestine.

4.b. Shanka Prakshalana - Complete Cleansing of the Intestines

Shankha Prakshalana is a process or procedure to cleanse the intestinal tract so as to remove its impurities by oral administration of salt water. Shankha Prakshalana is a term made up of two words.
Shankha = Conch
Prakshalana = Wash or cleanse

Here, one should drink about 16 glasses of warm saline water and should evacuate it through the bowels. It is a method to cleanse the entire length of gastro intestinal track.
5. Kapala Bhati -

Here, the patient is made to bend the head and upper body slightly forward. Inhale through the mouth and exhale in short, powerful bursts through the nose 25-50 times. This therapy is useful to infuse energy to each and every cell of the body. It also improves blood circulation and relieves lethargy, sinusitis and clears respiratory system.

6. Trataka –

Gazing at a burning candle for a few minutes. This improves mental clarity, concentration and alertness. It also promotes eye health.

At Yoga Habitat, you will be guided to undergo suitable Yoga Kriya, based on your physical and mental health.

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